Hi! My name is Nonna and I am a photographer based in Des Moines, IA.  Photography started as a hobby for me, but it quickly became a regular pursuit.  It all began a few years ago when two of my social media acquaintances asked me to shoot an engagement, a wedding, and family pictures.  They just loved my photos that came through their newsfeeds!  I’m not gonna lie, I doubted myself for a second.  Those jobs seemed like a daunting task to the inexperienced, but I accepted it.  Fast forward to today and this venture eventually came into fruition ~ I am flying solo!

My technical and creative knowledge were all self-taught.  However, I am a proud Christine Meintjes Workshop alumna.  I was trained and mentored under the tutelage of South Africa’s International and award-winning wedding photographer, Christine Meintjes.  The attendance to Christine’s 3-day signature workshop in South Africa is highly sought after and is only open twice a year to 10 selected photographers.  It was an honor to have been accepted and to learn from the best.  Christine is famous in South Africa.  Her work has been published in many International wedding publications and she has been the choice of many high profile clients across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.  She is also the founder of The Pretty Blog, a creative blog filled with beautiful wedding and lifestyle ideas.  Whether you are looking for wedding ideas or lifestyle inspiration, The Pretty Blog is your playground!

Classic never goes out of styleI so I take a rather classic approach to my photography.  I love the clean, crisp and fresh airy look.  So my shots are simple, using natural light.  With that said, all I need is plenty of light to get those shots you love!  If this is the style that suits your needs, I would be more than happy to chat.

I am not a full-time photographer.  I hold a business degree and I’m an Auditor by profession.  My experience came from shooting my own weddings when my time permits and second-shooting for another photographer.  In order to yield the best quality of service and product, I can only accept a very limited number of weddings per year.

Much love