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The Sunny 16 Rule

Everyday I fall in love with my hobby all over again.  I believe practice makes perfect but winter is just my least favorite time of the year to shoot -1 because I hate being out in the cold and -2 because all that white snow in the background throws off my camera’s light meter giving me dull grayish photos.  This year however, I have embraced snow photography with open arms and I trekked the first snowfall of the year with my Canon 5D Mark III and winter boots to snap some photos.

Below are some photos I took in the woods. For tips and tricks basically here is what I do: I shoot in Manual mode (ALWAYS!), expose my image using the Sunny 16 rule (as you can tell from the settings I used below that I have applied that principle), of course I at least use basic composition using the Rule of Thirds, I use custom white balance (NEVER Auto WB but this does not really matter since u can correct your WB anytime during post production), I shoot in RAW (ALWAYS!), I DO NOT use flash unless I’m required to, and finally I edit each photo to my liking using Adobe Photoshop CS6. I do have Lightroom however I do not use it as I find there is a lot more I can do in Photoshop than in the latter.

1/160s | f/11 | ISO 1001/160s | f/11 | ISO 1001/160s | f/11 | ISO 1601/160s | f/14 | ISO 1601/160 | f/11 | ISO 160

Happy Halloween!

This post is a little late but I have just gotten back from a short trip to Asia to visit family.  Eversince I got back I have been busy getting back into the swing of things but everything is slowly going back to normal now, thankfully!  Happy November!  The last two months of the year is when I am mostly happy because of the atmosphere.  People seem to be happier and in a festive mood, families get together, we all think of our loved ones and also get the chance to express our appreciation to those who care and love us the most.  With that said, let’s jump start the festivities with some spooky snapshots I took from this year’s beggar’s night.

M o r e   i n f o